veterans of valor vmc


Applicants must prove eligibility by presentation of form DD214 with his/her application (or Active Duty ID).

Applicants must have served in any branch of the Armed Forces in an active duty status for a minimum of two (2) years. National Guard and Reserve members must have served for a minimum of six (6) years or have been on active duty to meet the two (2) year requirement. The time requirement will be waived for applicants who have served in a combat zone. Time in combat zone must be reflected on the applicants form DD214.

Applicants are required to own a registered motorcycle (1100 cc or greater) and must ride on planned events at least once per month during the riding season and participate in club activities. (NO CROTCH ROCKETS). 

All applicants will be expected to pass through a probationary/prospective member period.

Any applicant or member found to have falsified or provided inaccurate information on his application or form DD214 will be immediately expelled from the Club in bad standing, and any request for information on this person by others shall be honored.