veterans of Valor VMC



The Veterans of Valor VMC, was founded in 2015 at  Spartanburg, SC as a way for veterans to share in the camaraderie that they had experienced in the military but been unable to find in the civilian world.  All Patch members have honorably served or are actively serving from all branches of the military. We are now, and will always be a veterans only club.

Like the uniforms we once proudly wore we too wear our club colors just as proudly. As with all things that are appreciated, these colors must be earned. We seek dedicated, lifetime members who will actively support the club.

Our Brothers and Sisters share a strict set of codes, ethics and values. We make no territorial claims and we do not get involved with the private business of other motorcycle clubs.

We do feel strongly about government infringement on personal liberties and civil rights, and will speak up and take action as appropriate.  We strive to respect the freedom of the wind and the road.

If you think you have what if takes and want to become a member, then contact us to find out more about the Veterans of Valor VMC.

Ride Safe
Ken "Moondog" Garman
President, Veterans of Valor VMC


The Colors

The grim skull is centered on a patch of Blue, Silver trimmed with a Black background of the vest. Blue is the color of Valor. Silver is the Honor of that Valor shining bright as stars against the Black.

Behind the patch are the 5 points for each of the armed forces, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, designed after the "Medal of Valor" award.

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On the cut of every PATCH HOLDER is the flag of the United States.

This is done in honor of our Country and our freedom